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Investor FAQs


When was Mabuchi established?

Mabuchi was established on January 18, 1954.
Tokyo Science Industrial Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Mabuchi, was established in January 1954, and the trade name was changed to Mabuchi Motor Co., Ltd. in March 1971.
For details, please visit our [About Mabuchi > Corporate Outline > History of Mabuchi in Brief].

When was Mabuchi listed on a stock exchange?

In December 1986, Mabuchi was listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and in April 1988, it was listed on the first section of the TSE.


What is Mabuchi's stock code?

The code is 6592. For the share price, please visit our [Share Price Information] .

What is Mabuchi's minimum stock trading unit?

The unit consists of 100 stocks.

When are Mabuchi's dates of right allotment to determine shareholders to receive respective dividends?

The dates for the year-end dividend and the interim dividend are December 31 and June 30, respectively.

I would like to know about Mabuchi's dividend policy.

For the changes in our dividend policy and dividends, please visit our [Dividends].

Does Mabuchi have any shareholder special benefit plan?

No, we have no shareholder special benefit plan.

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Accounts and finance

When is Mabuchi's accounting period? When is Mabuchi's ordinary general meeting of shareholders held?

The fiscal year ends on every December 31. The ordinary general meeting of shareholders is held in every March. Please check our [IR Calendar].

Where can I obtain the latest data of Mabuchi's accounts?

You can obtain the latest information on our accounts in the form of PDF files from either [Investor Relations Index] or [IR Library].

I would like to see the change in Mabuchi's performance.

For the change in our performance, please visit our ">[Financial Highlights]. You can find major financial indicators in graph forms.

Where can I obtain Mabuchi's annual report?

You can browse/download Mabuchi's annual report in/from [IR Library > Annual Reports].

Corporate Activities

I would like to know about Mabuchi Motor's Management Principle and Vision.

Based on Mabuchi's Management Principle, "contributing to international society and continuously increasing our contribution", we are carrying out our corporate activities. For details, please visit our [About Mabuchi > Vision].

I would like to know about Mabuchi Motor's environmental and social activities.

Based on one of Mabuchi's Management Guidelines, "conduct corporate activity which preserves the earth's environment and protects human health," we are carrying out our corporate activities regarding environmental conservation as our important business challenge.
For details, please visit our [Environmental and Social Activities] .

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